Thursday, 12 August 2010

Indoor cycle parking on its way

Indoor public cycle parking will be springing up in two new locations in the City in October.

London Wall

Some time in October, we should see bike stands going up in the car park. This will be a first step towards what should evolve into a fully-fledged facility with bike lockers, showers and mechanics is  in early 2011. The complete facility will be a project by the same company that is launching a bike / gym facility in Soho, namely

The bike entrance will be here, on the north side of the road opposite Noble Street. But there will be handy entrances and exits on foot on the south side of London Wall near Noble Street and, cunningly, down by Moorgate end near Coleman Street.

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There will also be additional bike parking coming to Blackfriars. The car park in Baynard House (represented by the grey part on the map below) has a paltry dozen or so bike parking spaces which tend to fill up by 8.30 most mornings. The City is planning to install over 100 spaces in the car park in October.

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