Monday, 30 August 2010

New link from Bank to Islington avoiding Moorgate coming soon

When we met with the City a couple of weeks ago, we were told that it will soon be possible to cross London Wall between Moorfields and Coleman Street by bike. Finally! The changes should take place later this year and include a cyclist crossing at the current pedestrian-only lights and allow cyclists to continue in a straight line over the paved bit of Moorfields up towards Bunhill Row. This is a parallel route to Moorgate and opens up a neat north-south link on quieter roads between Bank and Islington
Map showing the new route opened up by the Moorfields link

View Moorgate link in a larger map

Cyclists can already turn in to London Wall from Coleman Street but only if they’re heading west or turning into Coleman Street from the east. Not very useful really.

There’s also been a kind of see-saw policy regarding cycling over the paved area on Moorfields. Technically it’s not legal at the moment but a lot of people cycle over the paving anyhow. The police went through a period of fining people for cycling over Moorfields last year. After a bit of a fuss by residents, the London Cycling Campaign and Cyclists in the City, we managed to get the City authorities to at least ask the police to stop the fines and simply hand out a warning.

So this development is great news. The creation of the Coleman Street – Moorfields crossing will finally create a legitimate cycle route that links neatly with the Bunhill Row route up to Islington and provides a really viable alternative to cycling up Moorgate.

The crossing now. This will soon become a cycle-friendly crossing over London Wall

View Moorgate link in a larger map<

View of the Moorfields paved area that will soon be cycle-friendly

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