Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Road Fund Licence

Apologies in advance. This is seriously off-topic as far as City of London cycling is concerned. But we bought a car last week. Heinous crime, I know. We bought it with one of these cunning financing packages where the dealer ties you into three years of payments and effectively leases the car back to you. And as part of the package, you buy your Road Fund Licence so you can drive it away. Yes, that's correct. Apparently, according to Volkswagen UK's whizzy computer system, we have just paid our contribution towards the Road Fund Licence. There's no such thing, of course. It's Vehicle Excise Duty as this excellent website explains. I protested I didn't want to pay for a fictional Road Fund. Blank stares all around the dealership. What's this nutty cyclist on about? No wonder most motorists think we don't belong on the roads. And much much more on that coming later.....

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