Tuesday, 30 November 2010

76 bike parking spaces near Blackfriars launched this week

After my recent updates here and here about  the new bike parking in Baynard House car park, I received a note from the City yesterday saying the new bike park was alive and kicking. There's even a whizzy poster to advertise the new facilities below.


  1. This is obviously good news, but how many people work in that orange "14 minute" circle (even if a quarter is river)? That a huge amount of people to (potentially) share it with.

    I think I'd take a look if I'm in the area (I sometimes am) but would it be reliable or will it be permanently full? If I'm cycling in I'd like a guaranteed spot - and I'd pay to book somewhere.

    So it's great that it's there and free, but how used will it be given the inherent risk in getting there and finding it full (especially on less clement days like today).

    There's the balance - if it's always full, people won't trust it to be available, but if it always has free spaces the powers-that-be might think that it isn't worth the trouble to extend or duplicate.

    That said, I would pay to be able to book a space ...

  2. @chris - actually, the circle is a "4 minute walk" - I wouldn't want to park my bike 14 minutes walk from work!

  3. Ooops, so it is. I think I need my specs :)