Monday, 8 November 2010

A busy South Bank for banning people using bicycles

South Bank 8am on 8th November
The South Bank at eight o'clock this morning.

Apologies for straying outside the City of London again today but I wanted to refresh  my memory about why I cycle to work along the South Bank some mornings, especially on a day like today on a cycle hire bike. It's far preferable to being soaked by and squeezed by lorries on the slippery and broken brickwork of Belvedere Road.

Apparently, Lambeth councillors, the people who run the South Bank and Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey think there's not sufficient room for people to use bicycles here and want to ban it. As you can see, at 8am, it's terribly busy and there's no room for people to use their bicycles.

See the correspondence with Kate Hoey here. If you have any connection to Lambeth and feel this is important, perhaps you might consider writing to Kate Hoey about this as well.