Friday, 26 November 2010

"Mass public response" - save the date for January meeting

Since my post earlier this week about the Local Implementation Plan, I’ve followed up with the City on what’s happening and when.
I’ve had the following response:
“Members have now determined that they do not want us to consult on the LIP until early January, to avoid people missing the consultation during the distractions of the Christmas and New Year period. You can see the basic details of the consultation, including dates and submission methods, on the City's website at I will therefore be writing to all interested parties to let them know about the commencement of the consultation on Monday 10 January 2011.”

Looking at the City's website, it now has a date for submission of comments, February 21. So there's a six week window to get hold of the Plan, digest it and respond to it. Not long.

Many thanks to the many nods of support and emails I’ve had in response to this post here about a need to generate a mass public response to the Plan from people with cycling at heart.

Having chatted it through with a couple of you, I’m going to suggest the following: What do people think?

The consultation commences on 10 January.

Some of you have rightly said that it would make sense to coordinate a response. When I talk to people in the City, that is exactly what they don’t want to receive from us. What they need to hear is individual voices. So it’s crucial that this doesn’t become a political or theoretical ping pong game about we want segregated facilities, for example. But I agree it does make sense to help give some context to this so that as large a number of people as possible can easily get involved without having to spend an age reading burocratic documents and gettin their heads around local planning regimes.

So, my proposal is this:

A Cyclists in the City meeting on Wednesday 19 January in a City pub at 7pm. I’ve chosen that date as I know a few people will be able to make it, myself included and that also gives people a week to read the document

Purpose of the meeting is three-fold:

• Agree a synopsis of the LIP report to communicate to people who read this website and get our emails
• Create a cluster of issues we think are worthy of comment or criticism
• Get a team of people together who are prepared to help coordinate the message out to other people they know who cycle and to encourage them to write in.

I think this will work but I’m happy for comments on the above.

In the meantime, I’ve also kicked off some correspondence with the City’s LIP team. As soon as that becomes a bit more substantive, I’ll post the feedback I’m getting on to the site.

I’m really encouraged by the notes of support for this. Thank you everyone!


  1. I am amazed at you commitment. You, singlehandedly, do more for people on bikes then some organizations. Keep it up. You have my full support.

  2. Not really. At the moment, I'm just making noises. And hoping to help people make an impact. It's no more than a lot of other people are doing and probably a lot less. I think I'm just fed up of conditions for cycling in this City and it annoys me sufficiently to shout about it. I hope it's contagious!

  3. Date saved - I'll see what I can do. As my commute passes right through the city once or twice a week on a BorisBike, I'd love to see a real segregated superhighway from Blackfriars to Liverpool St...