Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New bike park on Queen Victoria Street - the first pictures

After flagging this up back in August here I was beginning to get worried it would never happen.

But snapped this morning, a first glimpse of the new bike parking zone in the Baynard House car park on Queen Victoria Street.

No bike stands in there yet but I hope those will be installed this week. And hey presto, 76 new bike parking places.

It's a shame these spaces are being taken from motorbikes and mopeds rather than cars. But by my reckoning this is about four car parking spaces. So, that's maximum 16 people at a push. And now it will be used by up to 76 people instead.

Our petrol-head transport minister Philip Hammond talks about about using the existing network more efficiently. Well, Mr Hammond. Perhaps you can do the mathmetics yourself?

Photo thanks to
Baynard House carpark in the flesh. It might not be beautiful but it's about to become the best public bike park in the City. That's good enough for me.

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