Monday, 1 November 2010

Poll: What you think the City should be doing to improve cycling

Update: View our campaign page here

A couple of weeks ago, I popped a poll on to this site here asking people to nominate what they thought were the top priorities for improving cycling conditions in the City of London.

And so far, we've had over 140 responses, which is great.

A lot of people have put considerable time into responding and given detailed written responses in addition to filling out the online poll.

I'm really delighted as this represents a fairly sizeable group of people with intimate knowledge of cycling in the City of London.

I've been able to track where people are coming from and feel that the poll is quite representative of all sorts of different cycling tribes. We have responses from people who look at or subscribe to this blog but in addition, there's a good pool of Barbican residents from the BarbicanTalk forum, a good chunk of cycle hire users coming in through the Boris Bikes forum and at the opposite end of the spectrum from the London fixed-gear and single-speed forum. There's also a handful of people coming through the bikeradar forum and then through a range of cycling club pages as well. So, all in all, it feels like we have everything from new cyclists in the form of Boris bikers to fixed-gear junkies at the opposite extreme.

And what's really interesting is that the votes are not very polarising at all. There is a general trend towards pretty much the same top-three priorities, namely:

Top request) Implementation of a decent north-south route along main roads through the City where cyclists have proper space on the road and priority
Second request) Exactly the same but east-west
Joint third) More availability of Boris bikes
Joint third) More contraflow streets
Joint third) Segregated cycle routes along main routes

The numbers are moving about a little as more people submit their views, so this isn't yet definitive but it's interesting that what people are saying is that they want complete and obvious cycle routes through the City. Some people told me they thought the poll would fill up with people griping about a particular junction or a particular bridge. And some bridges and junctions do come in for heavy criticism but people seem to be saying (perhaps not surprisingly) that they see these junctions or other obstacles within the context of a desire for a proper route through the City where they get some proper road space and proper priority.
There's much more detail to it than that, particularly on how different people define what 'proper' road space for cycling means but the results are pretty conclusive.
I'll be analysing the data and trying to put some of the responses in context over the next couple of weeks. But for the meantime, if you haven't had a chance to fill out the poll, please add your thoughts here.


  1. I think the trouble with your poll was that it had questions about very specific roads and junctions and then more general questions. Well, I rarely ride through those particular bits of London so I just picked the more generic "everything should be better" option. This probably applies to most people.

  2. I don't ride through those bits either but I reckon I know the area well enough to put myself in the shoes of people who do, and take a view on what might be best, so that is what I did.

    My own specific ask would be to improve the environment for bikes going southbound over Blackfriars Bridge, from the junction with QVS down beyond the City boundary to the junction with Stamford Street, especially the first bit curving round the new Blackfriars Station works site. Overall I would prefer to see improvements actross teh whole City, which I guess must be generic.