Monday, 22 November 2010

Queen Victoria Street - the racks go in

Baynard House car park - new bike zone
I'm slightly obsessing about these new bike racks. But only because I hope they'll be the start of many new bike parking places around the City. First mentioned here, the racks finally went in last week. They're still cordoned off for reasons I don't quite understand. More details about the location here. As you come into the carpark, you need to glide down the ramp in front of you, and there they are, all shiny and new. All 76 spaces.

Imagine that, though: Four car parking spaces equals 76 bike parking spaces. Just imagine how different London could be if there were a switch from cars to bikes in those kinds of ratios.

The only downside I can think of: Where do I leave a lock overnight on these sorts of racks? Anyone with any inspired suggestions? I don't really want to have to lug my lock back every night...