Thursday, 25 August 2011

New or extended cycle hire docking stations coming to City of London shortly

View New Square Mile docking stations in a larger map

The City of London has received planning applications for new or extended cycle hire docking stations for a number of new locations. I've popped these on to a google map and you can click for further details.

For those of you who'd rather see this in list form, the proposed changes are as follows:
  • Cheapside near King Street (already built, bikes are in the docking points, might be available to use)
  • Gresham Street near Old Jewry)
  • Stonecutter Street (on the other side of the road from the existing site)
  • King Edward Street (just north of Angel Street)
  • Houndsditch near Stoney Lane
  • St Bride Street
  • Fore Street Ave (extension)
  • Queen Street (extension)
  • Moorfields (extension) – dependent on Crossrail works
All good news although still leaves some patches of the Square Mile strangely free of cycle hire bikes, notably in the eastern part of the City.