Thursday, 11 August 2011

New route connects Barbican to Cheapside. Wood Street EC4 goes two-way for cycling

Wood Street EC4 new two-way for cycling
And finally some good news.

Wood Street (click here to see location map and cycle links) has gone two-way for cycling.

A further 17 streets are up for consultation in September with a view to these becoming two-way for cycling. Opening those streets would offer up some invaluable new routes through the Square Mile and ways to avoid some of the nastier main routes and junctions.

For the time being, though, Wood Street is a good first step. It allows a more or less straight line down from the Barbican, useful if you 're heading down from Islington for example, all the way through to Cheapside. And it removes the frustration of getting lost in a warren of one-way streets in the area between Cheapside and London Wall.

The link on CycleStreets shows how you used to have to turn left into Gresham Street and wiggle your way towards King Street. You'll now be able to continue straight down to Cheapside and then head in either direction, east or west. Or continue straight on through Bread Street on the other side of the road down to Cannon Street.

Some of the other proposed two-way workings will open up some other much-needed routes through parts of the Square Mile and I'll update on those as soon as we know more.