Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Olympic cycle route update - a sham of PR and utter inaction on the ground.

I wrote yesterday to show the route to the Olympics for people arriving from the north by cycle.

This is the route expressly suggested in his blog by Leon Daniels, the man in charge of London's roads.

Here's what someone who cycles here frequently has to say about the route that Mr Daniels suggests is a sensible way for people to cycle to the Olympics:

See for yourself what the conditions are like on part of the A11 that runs to the Olympics. Imagine cycling here on a cycle hire bike. Or with your young family. Frankly, imagine cycling here wearing anything less than body armour:

The head of London's roads specifically suggests we use the A11 gyratory to cycle to the Olympics. This is part of that route. With thanks to the Grumpy Cyclist blog

I think it's also worth reading about who the Grumpy Cyclist is on this link. I think this is hugely revealing.

"Several years ago I drove everywhere in London. After one ticket too many, I decided there had to be a better way. I dusted off the cycle, and discovered a completely new and convenient way to travel around town. However, the more I cycled, and the more I read about cycle provision from our local councils, the more I realised that the cycling experience should be so much better, and that our local authorities are spouting eco-fluff instead of actually improving matters."

There must be tens of thousands of people like this who drive but could or would cycle if they felt conditions in London for cycling were better and safer. He's completely right that many of Londons authorities spout eco-fluff and fail to deliver. You feel it every couple of minutes on the roads when you're cycling. The problem is that it's our lives and our safety that gets ignored.

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