Wednesday, 17 August 2011

TfL tells 36% of rush-hour traffic to dismount and walk at Blackfriars. Time we all got off our cycles and ambled slowly through the junction to prove a point.

Get off your cycle and walk. Blackfriars this morning.
Not content with a scheme that is designed to be as anti-walking and anti-cycling as possible, Transport for London today added some more salt to the wound at Blackfriars by adding a 'Cyclist Dismount' sign

Some 36% of traffic passing this point at rush-hour consists of people on cycles. During the entire day, that's 16% of the total traffic volume. TfL's contractors are telling thousands and thousands of people who cycle here that they are supposed to stop, get off their bikes and walk.

But where exactly are they supposed to walk with their cycles?

There's about a metre between the hoarding and the side of the Lever Building pictured on the left in the picture above. And with the eastern side of the street closed that leaves a lot of pedestrians wanting to walk on that narrow bit of pavement in both directions. Even if you could access it, no room to walk with your cycle here.

This one picture is jsut a tiny example of what's to come at Blackfriars. And a tiny sample of how I feel TfL and its contractors casually disregard people on its roads unless they are in motor vehicles.
Put bluntly, what the hell are you supposed to do when you come to this sign? Are thousands of people supposed to stop in the middle of the road and walk their way through the junction?

Interesting to see what the Department for Transport has to say about the Cyclist Dismount sign at roadworks like this:

Maybe we should do exactly that just to prove that Transport for London hasn't a clue how to handle people on cycles on its roads. Jump off our cycles at the lights and walk slowly through the junction.

So much for a transport authority that really thinks about how to handle people using its roads who just happen to be on cycles.