Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London's Cycle Super Highway - dismount and use the pavement

CS7 at Southwark Bridge Road. Dismount and use the pavement
Pictured left, the Cycle Super Highway route into the City of London this morning. The picture is taken at the junction of Southwark Bridge Road and Marshalsea Road.

The Super Highways are supposed to "improve cycling conditions for people who already commute by bike, and to encourage new cyclists".

So, once you've cycled over the grit and stones left all over the cycle lane by the contractors just before this picture, once you've dodged the several cars parked in the cycle lane this morning, you round the corner and see this. A sign telling you not only to dismount but to get off your bike and push it along the footpath. Cyclist number one pictured above clearly doesn't think much of that idea.

So, let's see what happens if you do obey the sign, get off your cycle and push it along the footpath.

But the pavement is using the road. Fabulous.
Well, then you come to this. No footpath! Cyclist number two ignores the signs.

You see cycling conditions like this all over the country every day. It's absolutely pathetic. We're incredibly capable of designing safe, well-thought through roads for motor vehicles. I simply don't understand how we fail at almost every turn when it comes to cycling. Even here, which is supposed to be the Mayor's flagship cycle route, taking people in to the Square Mile, we can't get it right.

If you're interested, have a look at how Transport for London (which is directly controlled by the Mayor) justifies its Cyclist Dismount sign on Blackfriars Bridge, the busiest cycling bridge in the city.

We might have a Mayor who talks a lot about cycling. But his message sure as hell doesn't seem to be getting through to his own transport people.