Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If you like cycling and walking through Oval, Vauxhall, Blackfriars, Lancaster Gate, Archway or Aldgate, don't come. But if you don't come, nothing will change.

Blackfriars - 'Before'. This is what the Mayor thinks London wants
London Cycling Campaign has now come out with a handy before and after guide to Blackfriars. 'Before' shows the multiple problems with the design sanctioned by the Mayor's Transport for London. This is the scheme that the Mayor is building right now at Blackfriars Bridge.

Blackfriars - 'After'. This is what a growing number of Londoners want
The 'after' shows what this area could be like if it was designed to give pedestrians and cyclists the same status as motor vehicles.

Tomorrow's protest will be joined by four London politicians:

Andrew Boff (Conservative) is the Mayor's special advisor on cycling
Val Shawcross (Labour) is former chair of the London Assembly transport committee
Caroline Pidgeon (LibDem) is the current chair of the transport committee
Jenny Jones (Green) is a mayoral candidate and former deputy mayor

It will be properly marshalled by volunteers with bibs and the police will be there to protect you. And with any luck, a large number of you will join in. What more can I say?

If you like cycling and walking through Oval, Vauxhall, Blackfriars, Lancaster Gate, Archway or Aldgate, don't come tomorrow. But if you think these places, and the plenty of others like them, could be better, safer, more convenient for cycling and walking, you should be there. If you think that walking and cycling deserve to have equal status on London's streets, you should be there.
Meet at 5.45pm, outside Doggetts Pub, on Wednesday 12 October, and from 6pm a peaceful ride will take place as thousands of people show their support for a safer junction here and for proper cycle-friendly streets all across London.

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