Thursday, 20 June 2013

Every so often, it's time to remember why we get on our bikes again and again. Well done Halfords.

I almost never flag corporate or media stuff on this blog. But this video, first posted by Mark over at ibikelondon has had me grinning all day.

Every so often, it's time to remember that although things are by no means ideal for cycling in this country, there's a reason we all get on our bikes. And there's a reason we keep getting on our bikes, even when the government, the local authorities and the court system let us down again and again. Somehow, this video kind of captures that reason for me. I hope it does the same for you too.

Well done to Halfords for commissioning this piece for bikeweek. 


  1. Thats brilliant! I've seen clips of this on the T.V. and it got me grinning straight away.
    As soon as you mentioned Halfords I realised what you were talking about!

  2. As a cyclist who works in marketing, so this has absolutely made my day, all cycling life is here. I think that's 'me' at 0:22 ;-)

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  4. Great video! Excellent that they managed to capture all the different cycling tribes in such a fun way and show its not just about the hardcore cyclists. The woman throwing the tea cup is my favourite bit.

  5. Yay! Cycling for everyone, whatever your age, sex, fashion taste and athleticism! It's fun and healthy and friendly... long as you buy a helmet, of course.

    The fixie hipsters are exempt because they're bohemian weirdos who don't really contribute to society and probably don't even wash. We know you're not one of them. We know you're a responsible consumer who knows you need to buy a helmet before you can ride a bicycle.

    Incidentally, Halfords sell a wide range of helmets, all of which are useless if you get crushed by a lorry or T-boned by a speeding minicab. But that won't happen to you, because you're going to buy a helmet!