Friday, 29 October 2010

"Fit and sexy"? Or "helmet and hi-viz beside a lorry"? You choose.

Thanks to Copenhagenize for pointing this out.

Germany's going all out for getting people out of cars and on to bikes.

Here are some choice examples.

"Why don't you burn a few calories instead of petrol?"
 "The only car you need to go to the shops" (Play on words here. Shopping 'trolley' in German is a 'shopping car'.)
"You look bloody fit/sexy from down here. All that cycling's clearly worth it, isn't it?"

Let's compare with the messaging in London. Lots of cyclists. In hi-viz. Wearing helmets. Dressed up defensively against the street conditions. Not very sexy, really, is it? I don't know about you, but I look an idiot in a helmet with luminous clothing. I'd much rather be zooming about looking just like anyone else.

Yes it's stupid to cycle up the inside of a lorry. But if you look at our roads and the lousy cycle infrastructure that's been designed on them, that's exactly what the street designs force most cyclists to do.

Oh, and it's all the cyclists' faults if they get squashed by a lorry. Where would you rather be cycling? Germany or London?

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