Thursday, 21 October 2010

Leadenhall Market area - closed to cycling soon?

There's a meeting of the City planning team next week that some of us will be attending.

I've just spotted one agenda item relating to the back streets around Leadenhall Market where the City is proposing to close the street to all vehicles, including cycles. I don't understand why the route couldn't be left open to cyclists. If anyone uses this area, could you get in touch and let me know your thoughts so I can represent them next week?

Alternatively, bash a note to your local alderman listed here. The relevant wards (I think) are Langbourn, Lime Street and Cornhill. Select the relevant ward and you'll get a list of people to contact. Even if you only travel through and think this route should be pedestrians and cycles, then please let someone know about it, otherwise it's for the chop. If these streets were made two-way for cycling, for example, they'd make a very viable alternative north-south route to Bishopsgate.

For a google map of the area, click here

The details are listed below:

Lime Street/Cullum Street public space: A new pedestrian-only public space would be created at the junction of Lime Street and Cullum Street. Individual seating would be introduced which is in great demand in the area, and planting would soften the space and maximise the amenity and attractiveness. The public space would be paved with a combination of black granite edging, plain York stone and York stone with a sandblasted pattern finish depicting a Roman floral wall plaster discovered from the ruins of a high status building in Lime Street thought to be from the 2nd Century AD. The new space would deliver a 20m x 10m pedestrian-only space, increasing the pedestrian area by 91sqm.

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