Friday, 22 October 2010

POLL: What do you think the City of London should do to improve cycling?

Every few months, the City holds a forum for cycling in the City of London.

At the last of these, the chair of the forum made it clear that they want to hear from people who use bicycles in the City what we think they need to do to make cycilng a nicer experience here. It isn't an invitation to spend lots of money. And it's not a promise that anything will happen. But it is a statement that the City is willing to listen.

Now, I have my own ideas about what I think needs to happen in the City of London. But I'd really love to pool a collection of views and push that back to the City in the new year. I'm hoping that a number of people might even be willing to get involved.

For starters, I'd like to run a poll and gather votes for different concepts. Running a poll makes me nervous because I hope enough of you might consider spending five minutes filling it out to make it credible. If we could get 100 votes, I'd be over the moon. So please spread the word and please take some time to fill this in.

The poll isn't hugely scientific. I've probably left out some pretty obvious issues. If I have, please shout about them and I'll add them in.

And here it is. I'd be really grateful if you'd take some time to have a go at this:

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