Friday, 8 October 2010

Public bike pump - you heard it here first

Stockholm last week: A public bike pump
Coming our way soon, a public bike pump in the City?

It's not confirmed. It's still a bit of a rumour. But apparently one may be coming to the streets of the City of London soon.

See, we don't get proper real bike infrastructure, that's true. But fun stuff like this might just be on the cards. At least the City sometimes gets it. That's a step in the right direction.

By the way, see that bike track to the side? That used to be a lane for motor vehicles. It's not quite a finished work yet but what Stockholm's doing is removing lanes for motor vehicles and replacing them with segregated bike tracks. Funnily enough, that means people are switching from cars to bikes. Funny that. Congestion for everyone else goes down. Network assurance goes up. Our mayor, our transport secretary, our highway engineers, our highway authorities and our borough (can you call the City of London a borough?) don't get that at all. Not one of them seems to realise you can reduce congestion, and make London a nicer, safer and calmer place to get around. I reckon give it a decade before they retire and we get a crop of officials who are a little more clued-up. After all, London is so massively different to Stockholm. Or Paris. Or New York.

Oh, and while we're about it, new bike parking in Queen Victoria Street car park near Blackfriars. We reported on it back in October. Around 100 new bike stands should be going in some time in October. Fingers very crossed. We'll report back live from the scene...!

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