Monday, 25 October 2010

A whole host of new stuff in the City

Lots of good news to report.

First mentioned here back in August, the first new bike stands in the Baynard House carpark on Queen Victoria Street should be going in this week. A total of 75 new bike stands are due. There wasn't much evidence of building work when I popped my head in to the carpark this morning but if anyone sees them, then please let me know. It's great to see a mass cycle park opening in the City like this and I'll post more details as soon as we can see them. More details here for the timebeing.

What's really interesting is the lack of glitz and razzmatazz about this. The bike stands are simply going in place. No big announcement of a parking Hub or waste-of-money branding and shouting about it, just plain, straightforward and sensible bike stands. Very mature and sensible stuff. Please spread the word because the more people show they are using these stands, the more we can push the fact that more are needed elsewhere in the City. It would be a crying shame if people don't use them and I'll make sure to announce them as soon as they're fully functioning.

In the meantime, a further 20 or so bike stands have also popped up along Cheapside near One New Change which opens this week.

I have my doubts about how cycle-friendly Cheapside is going to be once the streetscaping works are complete and I'm working on a full review which I'll publish here soon.

More good news over at Moorfields. The promised link across London Wall from Coleman Street mentioned in August is going ahead 'any day', according to the City. This is a TfL project and, apparently, initial drainage work has already taken place. Again, if anyone spots it before I do, please let me know and I'll whizz round and take pics.

This will create a legitimate north-south route parallel to Moorgate, avoiding the narrow main street that is packed with buses and taxis. It creates a proper (albeit some one-way diversions still in place at the Islington end) north-south route between Bank and Islington, provided you have good City navigation and can locate how the streets all link up. There's a map of the future new route options here.

And before I forget: Please fill out our poll here. We're on 90 votes and counting. I had originally hoped to reach 100 votes but my new goal is 250. I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks

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