Monday, 6 December 2010

Breaking News: Draft LIP published and road safety update

For those of you who are following the discussions about the Local Implementation Plan, the draft document has just been posted online here and you can download supporting documents from this page here.

Background on the LIP process is here and here

There's also a new report here about additional cycle hire scheme docking stations here with a recommendation to "Seek to provide additional docking points, through the expansion of existing sites and the introduction of new sites". Stonecutter Street, Wood Street and Guildhall come in for particular mention. The suggestion is for: "five to eight new sites providing some 150 docking points with the remainder of the 90 docking points asked for being provided through the extension of existing sites"

There's also an ominous update on road safety here, in which some of the language hints that the blame for collisions involving cycles is the fault of, guess who, only the cyclist. Text like this, for example: "The main contributory factors identified in cyclist casualties attribute “turning right”, “changing lanes”, “opening vehicle doors” and “undertaking of large vehicles turning left across cyclists path”. The last factor being the most significant in KSI casualties". Large vehicles never overtake cyclists and turn left, of course.

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