Wednesday, 8 December 2010

London Wall crossing - new north-south cycle route from next weekend

This has been rumbling for years and years and years. And, finally, I hear that the new crossing of London Wall at Coleman Street should be in place by the end of next weekend. The first works start this Saturday, unless it snows.

What this means is people will be able to cycle in a continuous line from Bank parallel to Moorgate all the way up to Old Street, without having to play hopscotch with buses and aggressive taxi drivers along Moorgate itself.

I first mentioned the details of the new link here where you can also see a more detailed map of the newly accessible route and more information about where to find the crossing point.

Assuming no further glitches, this new development brings to an end several years of letter-writing, protesting, campaigning and general antagonism about something as utterly banal as installing a permission for cycles to use a crossing that always used to be a road and was then converted to a pedestrian crossing but no-one really knew why cycles weren't allowed to cross, other than a few grumpy people who didn't like people when they got on to the back of a bicycle.

It also brings to an end a period of issuing countless, completely pointless fines for cycling on a pavement (Moorfields) that was never officially a pavement.



  1. Not there yet!

    With the works going on just north of the crossing it's going to be useless anyway for the time being. You can barely get your bike through the crowds funnelling through the gap that's left.

  2. On an unrelated topic, do know anything about the Chancery Lane enhancements here:

    Consultation was in 2009

  3. Had a look last night... still not done!

  4. you're kidding!

    I'll go and take a look later this week and then go and harangue a few people..Hmmm. Not impressed.

  5. They do have barriers up and looks like something is happening but not sure if it's progressing.

    They might not be too fussed due to the works I mentioned to the north. You are going to need to get off and push anyway, even if you can legally get across the pavement bit.