Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Time to speak up: Countdown to how you can get involved

This entry is by way of a large thank you to everyone who pitched up on Monday night to talk about the City’s local implementation plan.

Very briefly, we agreed the following plan.

If you've been reading this blog, you'll know about the local implementation plan. It's important because it sets out the City's spending on transport infrastructure for the next few years. And this article here tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how the City is going to fail cycling well into the end of the decade if we let this plan go ahead unchallenged. The key points are:

The City wants 10% of all journeys in 2020 to be on a biycle. Hooray. But cycling gets 0.45% of the tranport budget and the document does not prioritise cycling in any way. In fact, it basically says cycling will have to muddle along on the roads as they are, with a few gestures like better advanced stop lanes and contraflows but no actual joined-up plan. Much worse, though, is that all the transport money is ploughing into major street redesigns that will essentially narrow the road space, cramming bicycles and motor vehicles even closer together, while committing to not slow down motor traffic any more than 2010 average speeds.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are drafting an email to the City politicians. The email will include various points you can raise to object to the plan.

We are hoping to send it to as many people as possible who cycle in the City of London.

And we’re going to encourage you to edit and personalize the letter and send it to specific City contacts.

We’ll have everything ready in the first week of January and we hope as many people as possible will get involved.

You can get involved by simply reading the letter, adapting it to suit you and popping it off by email.

Or you can get involved by forwarding it to everyone you know who already bicycles in the City or people who would like to bicycle in the City but feel too scared to, and you can encourage them to get involved.

Thousands of you cycle in the City of London every day.

We need you to spend 10 minutes in early Janaury preparing an email to stick up for yourself. We'll provide you with all the background you need and the template you can work with.

But don't just stick up for yourself. Stick up for your colleagues who cycle. Or for your friends or family who would like to cycle and don't because they're scared. Good luck!

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