Monday, 10 January 2011

Local Implementation Plan objection - update on Tuesday

To everyone who is following the progress of the City of London Local Implementation Plan and what it means for cyclists, a quick update on what's happening next.

UPDATE: The latest development is on this page here where you can find out how to get involved.

The full background about what we're up to, why we think it's important and how you can help is on this page here

So far we've only seen the draft Plan. The City has part-published the public version of the Plan on its website this morning. But it hasn't loaded a couple of crucial parts of the Plan (for example, the budget details) so we're just waiting for those final bits to be added.

Once the City has loaded the rest of the Plan into its public website, we'll be posting the following here:

a) an email you can send to your friends to encourage them to get involved;
b) a document with all the background you might want to read if you're really interested in this stuff and
c) a template email to send to the City of London and a list of people to send it to
d) a link to all the source documents

I expect we'll have that ready for you either tonight or tomorrow morning. As I've stated before, these documents will be the response of a group of us that have been swapping notes and really getting our heads around the Plan. If you want to respond differently in any way, then feel absolutely free to do so. We're just trying to give people a headstart so that you can respond quickly without having to spend hours reading the full background of the Plan.

Good luck!