Monday, 21 March 2011

Blackfriars - consultation now open until April 15. Time to submit your thoughts

Following plenty of criticism about the scheme from people who walk and cycle through this junction, Transport for London is re-engaging on the design of northern junction and has issued a consultation page here. If you have already responded to TfL about this bridge, then it's time to send your email again I'm afraid. This time, please send your email to before 15 April.
Basically, the plan is still the same. A bridge and junction at 30mph (currently only 20mph) with three lanes of traffic in both directions (currently only two lanes) and with inconvenient pedestrian crossings unless you're heading to or from the station.

Some of us met with Labour and Green Assembly Members Val Shawcross, John Biggs and Jenny Jones last week and then with TfL. These Assembly Members deserve credit for forcing TfL to consult properly on the scheme. However, it was clear at the meeting last week that TfL simply doesn't understand what people object to about this scheme.

TfL's representatives don't seem to understand there is no logic in installing new lanes for motor traffic or in increasing speeds from 20mph. They also don't seem to understand that pedestrians might need to cross the road other than simply to get to the station. They still seem to think that taking space away from 'traffic' would mean congestion. Even though that space isn't even there at the moment and we're just asking them not to increase the number of lanes. If you read here, you can see how their own road safety units tells them that the bridge should be 20mph but they are now proposing to increase the current 20mph limit in the junction to 30mph.

If you'd like to see what the plans look like, all the details are on the TfL page.

We've put together a critique of the plans here and a list of things we think should be re-considered

And please fire off your comments to

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