Friday, 4 March 2011

Two-and-a-half bikes to every motor vehicle: Blackfriars and why this bridge needs space for cycling

A shot from a single traffic light sequence on Blackfriars Bridge this morning, heading north over the bridge and into the gyratory system.

It is exactly on this point where the camera is sited that TfL is planning to add a third lane so that motor vehicles can travel faster through this junction, making it significantly more dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians. And yet, as this shot shows, in one single traffic light green phase there are 2.5x as many people on bicycles as motor vehicles.

I think this video very usefully demonstrates why this gyratory scheme shouldn't take people for granted just because they're on bicycles.

You might also notice just how narrow even the existing bike lane is at this point and how some of the motor vehicles clip into the bike lane and every one of them that isn't in the far lane strays incredibly close to the bicycle area. Surely time to widen the facility for bicycles here?