Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Square Mile - new public bicycle pumps springing up!

New public bicycle pump in the Square Mile
Blimey. I can be quite critical of some of the things that the City of London does when it comes to its streets and junctions.

But here's something I never quite believed we'd see - the first public bicycle pump in the City of London.

It's one of two, in fact.

This one is sitting nice and pretty in the glorious Baynard House Car Park on Queen Victoria Street.

Head in the car entrance and down the ramp and you'll see bike parking for 70 or so bicycles. And this - a shiny new public bicycle pump.

I haven't had time to make it over to London Wall yet but apparently, 150 or so new bicycle stands are ready in the car park underneath London Wall (Moorgate end) complete with, yes, a public bike pump.

Stockholm - removed a motor vehicle lane on its main
bridge, added a new cycle track. Complete with bike pump
How neat is that? My only criticism (sorry!) is that it might be nice to see one in the street rather than in a car park in the future. Here's one I snapped in Stockholm. This is on the main bike route between two of the islands and just next to one of the city's main bridges. Note how Stockholm has removed motor vehicle lanes on the bridge and installed a segregated bike path instead, complete with bike pump and the odd floral addition.

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  1. We've got one of those Danish air pumps at Leighton Buzzard station. It's the only one in the country I believe