Monday, 6 June 2011

Chair of Royal College of General Practitioners knocked off bike at Blackfriars last week

Dr Clare Gerada, chair of Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the body that represents tens of thousands of GPs all over the UK was knocked off her bike last week. Dr Gerada was turning right from the bridge into Queen Victoria Street. A manoeuvre I struggle with every time I come to work.

Last Wednesday, at around 7.40am, she was knocked off her bike while trying to negotiate the dangerous turn from Blackfriars into Queen Victoria Street.

She's decided to speak out about this junction through this excellent video on the London Cycling Campaign's website. Do read the background on this LCC page for more information.

I couldn't agree more with her. It's a nightmare of a junction to navigate on a bicycle. You have to try and navigate between two pushy lanes of motor traffic (soon to be three) heading fast off the bridge into the junction. Some days I chicken out and go round in a completely unnecessary loop over Southwark Bridge and back on myself simply because I can't face Blackfriars.

And our transport bosses seem to think it's absolutely fine that thousands of cyclists have to deal with this every rush hour so that 665 drivers can get to work a bit faster. That's why they're increasing the speed limit here and adding extra lanes for motor vehicles. An iniative that seems absolutely in line with the way our Mayor wants to maintain London's streets not just here but all across the capital.

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  1. Since so many high profile people do cycle it would be amazing to ask them to support the cycling lobby. We need to start asking for infrastructure and changes to road designs - kudos for you for highlighting important issues.