Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Over 100 people to join A Tour of TfL's Top 10 Most Dangerous Junctions for Bikes - in honour of the people being killed by TfL's road policies

Cycle lane UNDERNEATH motor flow. Standard
TfL experience
Last week, ibikelondon blog and CyclistsintheCity announced a bicycling tour.

On 12 November, starting 10.30 by the stairs in front of St Mark's Church, The Oval, Kennington, SE11 4PW: A tour of London's top 10 most dangerous junctions for bikes.


The tour was inspired by a question put to the Mayor by Labour London Assembly Member, Val Shawcross. Shawcross asked the asked the Mayor why there had been a 9.2% increase in cycling accidents last year. TfL listed the 10 most dangerous junctions for cyclists in London. And then published some withering twaddle about how they're being made safer for cycling.

The initial response to the tour has been overwhelming and we're now expecting well over one hundred people to join us. We're now hoping that will grow as more people find out about the tour and we'd hope to see at least 250 of you join us.

The tour will be in honour of all 14 cyclists killed so far this year on London's roads. Most of them at junctions so badly designed by Transport for London that they are accidents waiting to happen.

This is not specifically conceived as a 'party-political' ride. But it has a very political message. That message was summed up well by Green party candidate Jenny Jones on her website today:

"The outrage felt by the death of the cyclist Vicky McCreery  in 2004 was directed at the bad design of the road. The following campaign appeared to change the way Transport for London carried out the re-design of its roads, but this has clearly gone into reverse under the current Mayor."

That is the message at Bow roundabout, at Marylebone Road, at Kings Cross, Blackfriars and Elephant & Castle. Pedestrians and cyclists are being killed because the Mayor and Transport for London think that 'smoothing the traffic flow' for motor vehicles is more important than making safe, sensible ways for people to cycle and walk around London. This is especially outrageous in central London where the numbers of people walking and cycling outnumber motor vehicles.

A number of us met last night to organise the ride and we hope to have full details out later this week. What I can say is we hope as many of you as possible will join us, come rain or shine. Because we want to make the point that we've had enough of being 'just another statistic' - potential victims of a road policy that discriminates against the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Please join us. We'd like to make it at least 250 people if we can.

10.30am Saturday 12 November, Meet by the stairs at the front of St. Mark's Church, The Oval, Kennington, SE11 4PW. The ride will be fully marshalled and will be over by 2.30pm.

Full details to follow on 5th November. Any questions? cyclistsinthecity@gmail.com

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  1. Add one more to the total, I'm definitely going to be there.