Blackfriars - a timeline of everything you need to know

For a full and comprehensive review of just how awful Blackfriars Bridge was in 2005, please look at this site . Some slight improvements were made after two people were killed as a direct result of this layout. The new TfL-designed layout is surprisingly similar to the original killer-layout.

In 2005, Transport for London promised to take forward two options. Either to implement a proper double T-junction scheme at the bridge (cost £700,000) or to significantly widen the cycle lanes and create safer cycle and pedestrian crossings (cost £200,000). We're still waiting for the double T-junction to happen and think its scandalous that, despite a massive national rail project that includes a complete re-build of the junction, nothing is happening and, if anything, the situation will be getting worse than it is now.

1) How it all started. TfL gave people five days, including a weekend, to review plans for the bridge

2) The City of London introduce us to some of the TfL people responsible for the bridge layout

3) Val Shawcross steps in and TfL postpones its plans

4) First official comment from TfL is distributed and completely and utterly misses the point

5) Why this bridge needs space for cycling. A video retrospective.

6) LibDems slam TfL for prioritising motor vehicle speeds rather than safety for the majority on foot and cycles

7) London Cycling Campaign remind people that TfL had originally designed a pro-cycling and pro-walking junction

8) The revised scheme. A motorway with a bit of cycle lane in the gutter

9) Cyclists realise that TfL has only added a cycle lane one way but still increased the speed limit and added new lanes for motor vehicles, making the whole junction more,not less dangerous.

10) The flash ride. 

11) Green Party suggests a quick fix - keep the junction 20mph,Labour and LibDems support

12) Tories walk out before the motion making it impossible for the London Assembly to vote

13) Even the AA President agrees that cyclists need safer conditions on Blackfriars 

14) Elephant & Castle roundabout - here we go again. It's Blackfriars all over again

15) Road safety audit revealed: Make cycling safer on the bridge. TfL ignores the recommendations. Boris hints at possible change.

16) ASTONISHING UPDATE: Conservatives join Green Party in the London Assembly and force thruogh motion to make Blackfriars safer for cycling.

17) TfL simply ignores the London Assembly, the Mayor, the protests, the petitions. Bulldozers will go ahead regardless.

18) Flash ride number two. Thousands of people hook up on their cycles to protest. BBC and ITV film live.

19) Cyclists told to dismount on the junction. Where the hell are you supposed to go if you are on a cycle?

20) Big businesses and landowners around Blackfriars tell TfL they want more people cycling and walking here

21) Another bridge, another failure by the Mayor. Boris Johnson killed off proposed walking/cycling bridge and built a tourist attraction instead

22) Transport for London used figures to mislead London's politicians about true cycle numbers at Blackfriars

23) London Cycling Campaign releases vision for Blackfriars and all major London roads that would be pretty average in most cities but the Mayor will probably decry as too expensive/too complicated for London. None of which is true.