Cycle Super Highway 2 and Bow roundabout

World-class cycle lane infrastructure on the original section
of Cycle Super Highway 2. I think not.

October 2011 - Cycle Super Highways - piecemeal interventions are failing to make these routes safe routes for cycling

November 2011  - National embarrassment: TfL builds cycle lane to Olympics. Two people killed already. Tells cyclists not to use it.

November 2011 - Property developers in Stratford want the Mayor to invest in safe cycling routes to connect the area with central London

January 2012 - Boris Johnson announces two options to make Bow roundabout safer for cycling but no safer for pedestrians

February 2012 - Boris Johnson claims Transport for London can't install pedestrian traffic lights at Bow roundabout

June 2012 - Review of the new bicycle traffic lights and protected bike track at Bow roundabout

September 2012 - Transport for London confirms it will extend Cycle Super Highway 2 to 'Go Dutch' standards

January 2013 - Transport for London publishes consultation plans for Cycle Super Highway 2 Extension to Stratford 

July 2013 - A third cyclist killed on Cycle Super Highway 2. Not good enough. 

July 2013 - Even the police think Cycle Super Highway 2 is too dangerous

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